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Birding at Green Hills

Hummingbirds at Green Hills

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Green Hills is managed as a Private Protected Area

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Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

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The Belize Butterfly House
Green Hills Butterfly Ranch is a wildlife sanctuary in Central Texas that works to preserve the dwindling monarch butterfly population. The ranch is dedicated to raising and releasing thousands of monarch butterflies each year, and providing a habitat for them to thrive. In addition, they also offer educational tours and events which bring awareness to the endangerment of these beautiful creatures.

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Heliconius sapho: The "Holstein"

The Rearing Facilities

Dozens of native butterfly species are being reared at Green Hills (see list).

Visitors facilities
Green Hills has a small gift shop and Guests are welcome to use our covered picnic spot furnished with tables and seats.

The Research Facilities
Green Hills is research orientated. The main flight area makes it possible to study interactions between different butterfly species. A checklist to the butterflies of Belize was produced here and a fieldguide to the butterflies of Belize is in preparation. In addition, there is ongoing research in other known in Belize for their environmental and ecological studies. Much attention is also devoted to conservation activities.

Heliconius erato: The "postman"

One species new to science that was discovered at Green Hills is Citharacanthus meermani Reichling & West, 2000. Is a medium sized tarantula spider (completely harmless). So far, this species is known only from the northern edge of the Maya Mountains and adjacent Guatemala.

More research is always in progress. You can check out Biodiversity related projects by Jan Meerman at: or go to the Biological and Environmental Research Data System for Belize (BERDS) for species information and publications.

The Botanical Collection
Green Hills maintains living collections of several groups of plants, most of these are important to our butterflies. Either as nectar plant or caterpillar foodplant. Special collections include Passionflowers, Bromeliads, Cycads, Heliconia's, Aristolochia's and orchids. The collection is currently being renovated but ultimately, more than 120 plant specimens will (again) be identified with signs. An illustrated guide is in preparation.

Green Hills is renowned for its Bird Diversity. Over the past decade, no less than 230 bird species have been recorded on our 100 acres! Hummingbirds visiting the feeders near the caterpillar building of course take center stage. And for the last few years an alternative Christmas Birdcount is being carried out under very strict conditions. On average 70-90 species of birds are annually being recorded this way. An amazingly large number! Results can be downloaded. Visit the special Green Hills Birding page.

Private Conservation Management Area
Green Hills is member of the Belize Association of Private Protected Areas and manages 100 acres under a private conservation management plan. Learn more.

Visiting Hours
The butterfly house is open daily from 8 AM - 4 PM. Last tour of the day starts at 3.30 PM. Entrance fee for private guided tour is:
B$ 25.00 (US$ 12.50) per person (minimum 2 adults). Children under 10 years of age half price. Group rate for 4 or more people: B$ 20.00 (US$ 10.00) per person. Special rates for larger groups are available on request. Groups over 15 people, please make reservations: (501) 834-4017. You can contact us at meerman(at)


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